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    Premium and long lasting POP Display

    Suggested opening order:
    3 Puppy Cake - Birthday Cake
    3 Puppy Cake - Peanut Butter
    3 Puppy Cake - Pumpkin
    2 Puppy Scoops - Peanut Butter
    2 Puppy Scoops - Maple Bacon
    2 Puppy Scoops - Vanilla
    2 Hoggin' Dogs - Banana
    2 Hoggin' Dogs - Cheese
    2 Hoggin' Dogs - Bacon
    4 Puppy Scoops Sample Packs
    4 Hoggin' Dogs Sample Packs

    Assembly Required.

    Overall Height: 22 inches

    Depth: 8 inches

    Length: 16 inches

    Get this display for free when you order $150 worth of product (not including the cost of the display) and have the display in your cart. A $20 discount will be applied to cover the value of the display.

    Limit 2 POP displays per store, per year.