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  • DISCONTINUED Birthday Station Floor Display - BDAYFLOOR
  • DISCONTINUED Birthday Station Floor Display - BDAYFLOOR
Price: $26.25
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    Item #: BDAYFLOOR

    Premium and long lasting POP Display 

    Instantly add a Birthday Station to your store with the Puppy cake Birthday Station Floor Display.

    Increase sales of Puppy Cake products by up to 20%

    Immediately create an attractive birthday section to your store and delight customers with new and unique treats.

    Suggested Fill Order: 

    4 Peanut Butter Cake Mix, 4 Pumpkin Cake Mix, 4 Birthday Cake Mix, 4 Red Velvet Cake Mix

    4 Red Bone Shapes Pans, 4 Blue Bone Shaped Pans, 4 Pink Bone Shape Pans

    6 Peanut Butter Puppy Scoops - Pint, 6 Maple Bacon Puppy Scoops - Pint, 6 Vanilla Puppy Scoops - Pint, 6 Banana Hoggin Dogs - Pint, 6 Cheese Hoggin Dogs - Pint

    4 Puppy Scoops Sample Packs, 4 Hoggin Dogs Sample Packs 

    Get this display for free when you order $250 worth of product (not including the cost of the display) and have the display in your cart. A $25 discount will be applied to cover the value of the display..

    Set-Up Tutorial:

    UPC: 011586991200

    Material: Corrugated Plastic (AKA pee proof); Assembly is required; Instructions included; Assembly time 5-7 minutes. No tools needed.

    Dimensions: 17 deep x 20 wide x 65 inches tall (including header)

    Level 1: 16 cake mixes (4 facings); 9 inches deep by 20 inches wide

    Level 2: 15-30 Pint Size Ice Cream Mixes (5 facings); 13 inches deep by 20 inches wide

    Level 3: 12-24 Cake pans, sample packs and miscellaneous toys; 16 inches deep by 20 inches wide