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    Item #: PCPREMASST
    Ships: 6/5/24

    Are you searching for the perfect addition to your pet supply inventory? Look no further than Puppy Cake's Premium Assortment Pack, featuring our top-selling products that are guaranteed to fly off your shelves and into the hearts of your customers' furry companions!

    Stock your shelves with Puppy Cake's most popular flavors, carefully curated in one irresistible assortment pack. From classic Peanut Butter to decadent Pumpkin and everything in between, this pack offers an enticing variety that will appeal to dogs of all tastes and preferences. Perfect for a bog birthday or celebration, even a normal day to treat your furry friend. Whether you own a pet boutique or a specialty store, Puppy Cake's Premium Assortment Pack is the perfect addition to your inventory.

    At Puppy Cake, we believe in providing only the best for our furry friends. That's why our treats are made with all natural, limited ingredients that are both delicious and nutritious. Made and sourced in the USA! Suitable for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and life stages.

    With Puppy Cake's Premium Assortment Pack, you can rest assured that you're offering your customers the very best. Our top-selling products have garnered rave reviews and loyal customers, making them a trusted choice for pet owners everywhere.

    You will receive:

    4 - Cuppy Cake Birthday Cake
    4 - Cuppy Cake Peanut Butter
    2 - Dog Birthday Cake Kit Birthday Cake
    2 - Dog Birthday Cake Kit Peanut Butter
    2 - Dog Birthday Cake Kit Pumpkin
    2 - Puppy Cake Birthday Cake
    2 - Puppy Cake Peanut Butter
    2 - Puppy Cake Pumpkin
    4 - Puppy Scoops Birthday Cake 5.65 oz
    4 - Puppy Scoops Peanut Butter 4.65 oz
    4 - Puppy Scoops Maple Bacon 4.65 oz
    2 - Hoggin' Dogs Pumpkin 4.65 oz
    2 - Hoggin' Dogs Prime Rib 4.65 oz
    2 - Puppy Scoops Sample Pack
    2 - Hoggin' Dogs Sample Pack